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Selfies, Selfies, Selfies

In today’s world it is all about the social media. We are constantly on the lookout for photo opportunities to post on Instagram for friends and family to see. Working at the Fair I get to see a lot of what goes into making the Fair look “Pretty” for our thousands of guests that come through everyday. I would say that the food vendors do the same. Working their hardest to serve you aesthetically pleasing food that some would call Instagram worthy. 


This year at the Fair we have incorporated a handful of selfie spots for you to get that perfect picture to share on your profile. As soon as these backdrops went up there was no explanation necessary, everyone seemed to know exactly what these spots were for! Not everyday can you stand in front of an eight foot wall of sprinkles. 

We have three different food incorporated selfie spots. One, a wall of colorful sprinkles (located in the court of four seasons). Two, a giant waffle cone that looks absolutely amazing (also located in the court of four seasons) . And three, delicious looking popcorn (located in the kids park)! All these structures stand tall at eight feet, so even the tallest of Fair goers will have a great photo backdrop. 


Two of my personal favorites have nothing to do with food, yet still look amazing! Located in Artisan Alley we have the rainbow wall. This is 16 feet wide, so you and all your friends can squeeze in for that group picture. My second favorite is located in the court of four seasons and it is a living room set up. We have a rug, bench, table, and a wall of picture frames in the back. What is cool about the structure that is holding up the frames is that two of them have holes so people can stick their heads through and it looks like you are in the frame. 


If you are of drinking age and like to buy wine and beer in building Q that is attached to the wine gardens, we have two selfie spots in there where you can pose with your drink or even just your friends.

Since I am in the marketing department I work a lot with social media and we are constantly looking through our hashtags to see your pictures of the Fair. So be sure whenever you post a picture here at the fair you use the hashtags! #alamedacountyfair #ispysummer 



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