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Enjoy a Sustainable Day at Fair – Tips & Tricks to Have a Great, Green Time

The annual summer Fair can be an indulgent time of consumption: large portions of food, single-use items, plastics, straws, overly-packaged goods and more. While Alameda County Fair strives to uphold valiant and extensive sustainability efforts, there is no denying that any fair or large community event can lead to over-consumption and excess waste.

Not to worry! You can still fully enjoy yourself at the Fair, or anywhere for that matter, with a few simple swaps and conscious efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Transportation

Carpool? We love it! But have you considered taking the scenic route to the Fair on CalTrans open Monday Through Friday? The train station is literally right across the street from Yellow Gate entrance and you’ll be off the train and into the Fair within five minutes, which is closer and faster than most of our general parking. Especially for visitors coming from the East/South Bay or the Peninsula, CalTrans is a fun and beautiful transportation option if you haven’t done it before. Also, the Dublin/Pleasanton Bart station is less than 5 miles away with easy access to rideshare options.

Bring Reusable Food Storage Containers

Food portions at the Fair can be on the large size. If you find yourself throwing out half your brick of fries every year because you’re stuffed or want to move on to the next thing, bring your reusable food storage bags or containers so you can enjoy leftovers at home. Bonus points for bringing reusable cutlery and straws!

Learn About Local Community Initiatives

The Alameda County Fair prides itself on its community ties. This year, you’ll be able to learn about local agricultural businesses with the Fields of Gratitude project. Or stop by our AgVenture park to learn about our local agricultural community. There are various learning opportunities and ways to get involved at the Fair.

Shop Small Business

Just by shopping our small business vendors, you are supporting ethical, local businesses while engaging and contributing directly with your community. This year, we’re excited to highlight some of our small business vendors during National Small Business Week coming up April 28-May 4.

Leave No Trace

Finally, remember to leave the Fairgrounds as you found them—or even better! Dispose of trash in designated bins, recycle materials whenever possible, and consider participating in clean-up efforts before you leave. By leaving no trace, you’ll help preserve the beauty of the fairgrounds for future generations to enjoy.

By following these simple tips, you can make your visit to the county fair not only enjoyable but also environmentally friendly. Let’s come together to celebrate community, agriculture, and culture while taking care of our planet!

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