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Lost & Found

Lost & Found Policy

If you have lost an item anywhere at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, please report your item by filling out an online form. The Alameda County Fairgrounds uses Chargerback, an online system that helps track lost and found items. 

Once you report a lost item, you’ll receive an email notification that we have received the report. We will then work on locating your item and send you periodic updates about the status.

When and if your item has been located, we will send you a confirmation email.  At that time you can choose to have your item mailed to you, via FedEx or USPS, or schedule a time to pick up your item. The Guest Services office has limited office hours so it may be more convenient for you to have the item mailed directly to you.

The policy is to hold items for 30 days. Any unclaimed items will either be destroyed or donated to charity. Credit cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, and passports will be securely destroyed via crosscut shredding.