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STEAM at the Alameda County Fair

The Farm

Though still a fairly new concept, STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture & Math) educational exhibition farms are already thriving thanks to innovative organizations throughout the state. Now, the Alameda County Fair Foundation is working to bring this extraordinary community resource to the Bay Area.

From solar-powered milking parlors and greenhouse gardens to high-tech beehives, the program will offer kids a hands-on, Mother Nature-meets-cutting-edge-technology, farm-to-table experience. With a focus on health, they will learn all about the foods they eat and the amazing scientific innovations that make feeding and clothing an ever-growing population possible.

The Farm plans to offer experiential tours for school groups from all over Alameda County and beyond, on a twice-daily basis throughout the year. Expert volunteers from docent groups comprised of master gardeners, local fruit growers, cattle ranchers and various agri-businesses will be on hand to teach and guide young visitors through the program.


Educational Subjects

  • Agriculture history
  • Agriculture technology (agtech)
  • Animal science
  • Engineering & innovation
  • Health & nutrition
  • Applied mathematics
  • Plant science
  • Renewable energy
  • Water conservation & sustainability
  • Weather

Living Features

  • High-tech “flow” beehives
  • Milking parlor & resident dairy cows
  • Hen house & hatchery
  • Animal birthing barn
  • Horse paddock
  • Fruit orchard & vineyard
  • Seasonal crops such as corn & pumpkins
  • Perennial crops such as asparagus & artichokes
  • Floral gardens
  • Composting lab

Structural & Technological Features

  • Education center
  • Large, outdoor covered pavilion with picnic tables
  • Indoor classroom kitchen
  • Outdoor kitchen & dining area (for private events & catering)
  • Nursery greenhouse
  • Renewable energy sources (solar panels/wind generators)

The Farm: Conceptual Plan

(Click image to enlarge)

Nearly two acres of land has already been dedicated for this project. The goal now is to raise the money needed to build. Fundraising efforts will focus on the following areas: