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Out with the Old, In with the New

At the Alameda County Fairgrounds, we take pride in our community initiatives, which include providing support to those in need, making the Fairgrounds accessible to all, and minimizing our environmental impact. Our recent Grounds Team project is a testament to this dedication, and has had a significant impact on water resources through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Out with the Old 

Our team recently installed a new irrigation system that has numerous benefits, including reduced labor costs, better control of water runoff, as well as proper water management. The previous system was inefficient and involved one employee manually turning it on and off for 6 to 8 hours a day, leading to poor control of water coverage and runoff.

In with the New 

The new Hydrawise system features state-of-the-art I-20 rotors, with a zone-controlled watering schedule, and 16 zones controlled by a user-friendly “Cell Phone App” that allows you to manage the system from anywhere in the world. This feature allows you to water only the target turf area, and the system adjusts watering based on local weather forecasts to ensure that just the right amount of water is being used.


Our Hydrawise system not only complies with local and federal laws regarding water use and runoff, but also helps reduce our water usage and combat drought. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability means that we will continue to seek innovative improvement projects for a sustainable future of the Fairgrounds.


For more information on our sustainability initiatives, please visit our Sustainability Page/a>.

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