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New Light Show Premiers November 29, 2019

Up until last year I had never experienced or even imagined the craftsmanship and beauty Chinese Lanterns could have to offer. I am by nature a visual person so the colors, shapes, scale, and presentation of these sculptures was a veritable feast for my eyes.

With last year’s show moving to Vallejo we wanted to find a show that built upon the lessons learned and bring something new and unique. We are excited to be partnering with Special Events Entertainment to launch the all new LumiNight, light festival 2.0. Imagine all we saw last year and much more.


The 8 acre magical Walking Safari includes carefully crafted Chinese Lantern Lights, plus an entire acre of Carnival attractions, food booths and a Petting Zoo.

I’m most excited for the Train Ride and a comfort station to relax and take a break from the elements. It will start running opening day, but the best part is the new train that has been ordered and will arrive in December. It looks magical.


This year there is a technology piece with an educational interactive app. Buy your tickets online and the app is included (a $4 value).

LumiNight guests will even have the option to take a guided tour of the displays where they will come to life before your very eyes. They had me at Forest of a Million lights ! I may not count them but I can’t wait to see them.

Grand opening is November 29, the Friday after Thanksgiving. For show days and hours or to purchase a ticket early, visit


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