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Meet Your Very Own Artisan Alley-Cat

As a marketing intern at the Alameda County Fair, I get to catch a glimpse of all the fun things the Fair has to offer. I have seen everything you can name from free Horse Racing, to Nightly Concerts, to spectacular food, but I think my favorite location at the fair has to be Artisan Alley.

On one side of this alley there is all kinds of food, which I have to admit has been extremely hard to resist while working here. On the other side is a line up of incredible pop-up shops where I have spent most of my time exploring. I think my favorite part about Artisan Alley and the Fair in general is that it provides unique experiences that create lasting memories.

Since I was a child, I have attended the Fair with my family and I loved looking through the vendor booths to purchase a souvenir or find something new and fun to do. I am here to fill you in on a few places that made lasting impressions on me while working at the Fair this year.

1) Heart to Hands- Henna & Jagua 

This is a wonderful Henna Tattoo shop that does freestyle designs by hand for a small fee. The owner Pilar Pumar, said that this is her fourth time being a part of this fair and she has loved her experience. She told me that her booth, “gives an Oasis feel to the Fair Guests,” and she loves being able to provide relaxation to her clients in the midst of all of the excitement and fun.


2) Pinot’s Palette

This is a local business from Livermore that holds classes where you can paint, have a drink and have fun. While one of their goals is to teach someone how to paint, their main priority is for their guests to have fun. Currently, they are posted up at artisan Alley for the duration of the Fair and you can paint a canvas for $5 to take home with you!

Pinot's Pallet

3) SkyRiver Butterfly Exhibit

The Butterfly Exhibit is super fun and kid friendly. They charge $3.00 for admission and give each person that enters a feeding stick so you can have close interactions with real butterflies. This has been a guest favorite and continues to be a nice area for those who want to cool down, considering they have misters surrounding the perimeter of their spot.

On my daily walks from one task to the next, I always make sure to put Artisan Alley in my walking route. There are way too many enjoyable things to see and new memories to be made, so I love continuing to see what is new daily!

Make sure to stop by during your next visit to the fair, and maybe you will see me walking around!


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