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Love is in the Air

This weekend is the start of couples and galentines coming together to celebrate love with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Restaurants book up, scenic areas fill with cars, movies sell out and chocolates become all but impossible to find. What do I think is the best date? One that lasts more than two hours and includes all five senses!

The annual summer Fair is the best place to celebrate a loved one, family or friends.

Start with a morning coffee walking the grounds to enjoy all the competitive exhibit displays and shopping. Buy a nice gift for your date. Stop in the Petting Zoo and Critter Building to pet animals, small and large. Or scaly if you like snakes; dainty if you like butterflies. Enjoy the All Alaskan Pig Races and don’t miss out on live Horse Racing. Bet a little, maybe win!

While at the races, dine on the Trackside Terrace Outdoor Patio. Shaded tables with a gourmet buffet is a perfect way to watch and wager. Table for two please!

After the races, the sun starts to dip making it the perfect time for selfies and Carnival rides. With creative selfie spots sprinkled around the Fair, grab a photo to remember your day at the Fair. Or snap that Instagram shot on the Ferris Wheel while you enjoy quality time with your partner. On your way out, play a game and try to win a big stuffed animal.

Around sunset head over to the Lucky Amphitheater for a movie and a concert on the Jumbo Screen. Bring a blanket and make a spread on the Michelob Ultra Concert Lawn. With fantastic Fair food on every corner, you can bring your own treat or enjoy delectables like a funnel cake, fried twinkies, cotton candy and even popcorn during the shows.

The fun is just beginning! After the concert, enjoy a lighted Drone Show above the Stella Artois Grandstand. Don’t head to the Grandstand, instead hop on the Sky Ride and watch the show as you cross the Fairgrounds. The view is amazing.

Love is in the planning, fun is in the doing, savings is with promo code XOXO23. Happy Valentine’s to all this February 14. Give the gift of Fair Tickets and continue the love and fun this summer between June 16 and July 9, 2023.

Full disclosure, Cupid’s arrows are flying in all directions at the Fair.

(Sale valid February 10-20, 2023).

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