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International Women’s Day 

March 8 marks the global celebration of women! International Women’s Day focuses on women’s rights and achievements. No matter what choices a woman makes, it is theirs to own and theirs to control.

As we mark the 115th celebration in 2023, we want to honor women all across the globe as well as those closest to us. It doesn’t matter if your career is just beginning or if you are at the peak, here at the Alameda County Fairgrounds ALL women are important to our team and we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication.




Emily started in the summer of 2016 as a Guest Services Volunteer at the Alameda County Fair. In 2018 she returned to join the Admissions Team to sell tickets and the following year she began her journey as an HR Summer Intern. We are now lucky to have her as our PayRoll Specialist full time!

There is so much to enjoy about the annual Fair, but her favorite is the nightly Drone Show.

International Women’s Day to her is the opportunity to celebrate all accomplishments made by all women. Her advice to young women – do not be afraid to try something new, especially in your career, you never know what you are going to love! In her free time you can catch her skiing. She takes many day trips during the winter months with her family!



“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary,” Vince Lombardi. Tiffany has been working for the Alameda County Fairgrounds for over 24 years. Starting off as a Barn Staff, she is now Director of Entertainment, Agriculture and Programming. Watching her growth is inspirational.

Her advice to young women is that success does not come without hard work. We only celebrate International Women’s Day once a year, but everyday you need to have the same commitment and work ethic.

Her favorite Alameda County Fair core value is community, Fair time gives us the opportunity to showcase our county and celebrate everyone as a part of it. Tiffany’s favorite Fair highlight is seeing all of the families coming together to have fun.



Vivian joined the Alameda County Fairgrounds team four months ago as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). When asked what International Women’s Day means to her, she had two answers.

Growing up in Taiwan, it meant shopping and discounts on items such as cosmetics. It is different in the United States. Here it means spreading awareness of women’s rights in the workplace. It also means being aware of how far women have come as well as the gap that still exists.

A Vivian fun fact – she is a Black Belt!


Vivian’s advice for younger women would be to make sure they know how to stand up for themselves and, most importantly, “Go for it!”. The challenges that women face in the workplace are not easy. There will be sacrifices that need to be made, but anyone can do it with the right attitude. As women we need to start with ourselves.

Thank you to all the strong and fearless women who have helped shape and continue to help shape the Alameda County Fairgrounds including excellence, positivity and inclusivity.

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