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American Farm Tractor Museum at the Fairgrounds

The Alameda County Fair honored its agricultural history with a brand-new feature, which was debuted on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at the 2021 Annual Fair.

The American Farm Tractor Museum is a permanent exhibit at the Fairgrounds designed to pay homage to Alameda County’s deep agricultural roots.

The vision for the Museum is that it will serve as an educational resource for schools, as well as a space for community events and gatherings. The entire space was built and designed in house by the Alameda County Fair’s team of carpenters, electricians, graphic designers, and exhibits teams.

“All the tractors on display at the Museum are part of the Fair’s ‘Agricultural Heritage’ collection,” said Jerome Hoban, CEO of the Alameda County Fair. “They have been lovingly restored and possess a meaningful, rich history.”

During the Grand Opening, Raul Santiago, Alameda County Fairgrounds Ground Crew Supervisor, was honored for his longstanding service with the vintage machines.

“Raul has a personal passion for each tractor and takes such good care of them for us,” said Angel Moore, Vice President of Business Development at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. “He makes sure they are in good working order, details them, and loads and drives them in our community events.”

These tractors have played an integral role in the Annual Fair, as well as within the community at countless parades, events and Fairgrounds events. Be sure to stop by the Museum next time you visit the Alameda County Fair!

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