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Accessorize for the Fair

Coming to the Fair? Need that perfect outfit. Whether dressing for live horse racing, carnival rides, tasting fests, a night time concert or to just sit and watch your children or Fair goers, you want that perfect outfit.

It is said that life is incomplete without fashion….maybe that is a stretch. Regardless, there are perfect and fashionable outfits for summer days or cool nights at the Fair? However, that final touch makes a huge impact. A fashion certainty – an accessory can be so good it perfects the entire outfit.

Every look is not complete without the addition of one or two accessories that elevates the ensemble. Ladies, lipstick is an accessory in and of itself, right? Just switching up different lip shades from morning to night is one of the easiest ways to update a look throughout the day.

Dark framed contemporary sunglasses are not only a practical tool to protect your eyes from the sun, but key when you want to be makeup free for the day or add some edginess to your look.

Fair Fashion

Fashion doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. Oh no, that’s just when the shopping begins. With artists, crafters and designers selling their product at the Fair, it is the best time to add accessories to your outfit, like a hat!

Fair Fashion

With Selfie Spots, including three new 30 feet Themed Selfies, all over the Fairgrounds, the right outfit and look will make that perfect post-able photo at the 2023 Fair. Tag #alamedacountyfair and reach an even larger audience.

Fair Fashion 3

Fair Fashion 4

Then there are those California evenings. Summer nights in Pleasanton are beautiful, but can be chilly. Wrapping a soft summer scarf or shawl with a different lip shade, or putting on a necklace can create a new look in just a few seconds.

Fair Fashion

The fashion world is not only limited to clothing, accessories are an inseparable part of the wardrobe. Accessorize to create your unique fashion statement any day of Fair, weekday or weekend, daytime or night!

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