Safety, Security and Permitted Items FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – General

If you don’t find the answers you need here, please give us a call at (925) 426-7600 or email us at frontdesk@alamedacountyfair and we’ll be glad to help.

When is the next Alameda County Fair?

  • The 2019 Fair dates are June 14-July 7. The Fair will be open Wednesday through Sunday each week.

Where is the Fairgrounds located?

  • Alameda County Fairgrounds is located in Pleasanton on Bernal Avenue at Valley Avenue, off I-680. The main entrances are at Gates 8 and 12, off of Valley Avenue.

The Administrative offices are located on the opposite side of the property at 4501 Pleasanton Avenue.

Where do I enter/park the Fairgrounds?

  • Visitors should enter through Gate 8 or Gate 12 off of Valley Avenue. You will be directed to the parking area for a specific event.

Can I pay for parking with a credit card?

  • Parking fees must be paid in cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

Is smoking permitted on the property?

  • Yes, smoking is permitted but in designated areas only. A staff member can tell you where the yellow smoking tents are located at a particular event. Cannabis products of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the property.

Where can I find more information on a particular event?

  • The Events Calendar at provides details for all upcoming events. Individual event postings also contain a link to the promoter’s website.

Are dogs or pets allowed into the Fairgrounds?

  • Registered service dogs are the only animals permitted on the property.

Whom can I check with regarding a lost item?

  • Please call our front desk at 925-426-7600.

Is handicapped parking available at events?

  • Yes, all events offer handicapped parking areas.

Do you charge for handicapped parking?

  • Yes, the handicapped parking fee is the same as the regular parking fee.

Where is the stop for BART buses?

  • The regular bus stop is at Gate 8 on Valley Avenue. During Fair time, the BART Fair Shuttle drops and picks up riders at the Yellow Gate entrance on Pleasanton Avenue. All BART buses & shuttles dispatch from the Dublin/Pleasanton station.
  • BART schedule:
  • WHEELS bus & shuttle schedules:

Where is the Lyft and Uber Drop-Off area?

  • The Lyft/Uber drop-off area is located near the Yellow Gate entrance on Pleasanton Avenue.

Where are the restrooms located?

  • Restrooms are located in or near all of the buildings on Fairgrounds property. Additional stand-alone facilities are located in the following areas: 1) across from the livestock pavilion, 2) between buildings C and F, 3) next to Monument Park, 4) outside the Amphitheater and 5) near the Admin building.

Do restrooms have diaper-changing stations?

  • All restrooms on the property, including the Men’s rooms, are equipped with diaper changing stations.

Can I fly my drone at the Fairgrounds?

  • In order to ensure the safety, security, privacy and property interests of the Alameda County Fairgrounds, the use of drones is strictly prohibited within the Fairgrounds property and/or air space without prior written consent. Violators may be subject to removal and/or arrest.


If you don’t find the answers you need here, please give us a call at 925-426-7665 or email us at and we’ll be glad to help.

What kinds of events are held at the Fairgrounds?

  • Alameda County Fairgrounds is a year-round event center. Besides the annual Fair, we host every kind of event imaginable — from large commercial and corporate events to festivals, weddings, company picnics and parties. We offer indoor and outdoor venues for every size and type of event, including full-grounds shows.

I am a vendor. How can I apply to sell at upcoming shows?

  • If you are a food vendor, please contact our on-site catering partner, Spectra Food Service at 925-426-7630.
  • If you are a commercial vendor, you will need to contact the event promoter directly. Promoter websites are included on our event postings pages at

Where can I find more information on a particular event?

  • The Events Calendar at provides details for all upcoming events. Individual event postings also contain a link to the promoter’s website.

I would like to have an event at the Fairgrounds, where do I start?

  • Our Events Department will be happy to help — you can contact them at 925-426-7665.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when you call: type and size of event, date, time & preferred location.


  • All food, beverage and alcohol must be purchased through our catering partner, Spectra Food Service. You may contact them directly at 925-426-7630.
  • Besides the rental fee, additional costs such as insurance, security, cleaning and equipment may also apply.
  • We are unable to place a “hold” on any of the facilities.

Booking procedure:

  • If we are able to accommodate the event, a proposal will be submitted to you.
  • Upon your acceptance of the proposal, a formal contract will then be drawn up.
  • A deposit will be required after all parties have signed the contract.
  • The booking will be officially secured once the deposit has cleared.

Where should shipments be delivered?

  • All shipments be sent to the Fair’s administrative office at 4501 Pleasanton Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566
  • Shipments should be clearly marked with event name, recipient name, company name, building, booth number and phone number.

Delivery specifications:

  • Small shipments scheduled to arrive prior to show dates will be delivered to the Administration Building. Our Event Ops department will store packages in Building G. Packages may be subject to drayage fees.
  • Large shipments (i.e. pallets, etc.) scheduled to arrive prior to show dates will be delivered directly to Building G at the Event Ops yard.  Shipments sent before the date of the show will be subject to drayage charges.
  • Smaller shipments scheduled to arrive during show set up will be delivered to the promoter’s office.
  • Large shipments received during the show’s set up time will be delivered to the building the promoter is occupying during the event, or to Building G.

To access Building G, enter Gate 12 off Valley Avenue, continue through the tunnel, stay to the right.

Safety, Security and Permitted Items FAQs

Are BBQ Pits allowed at the Fairgrounds?

  • Grills or cooking equipment of any kind

Where should I go if I get separated from my child?

  • Contact Guest Services or any employee wearing a shirt with the Fair logo

Can I bring food and drinks into the Fair?

  • Yes, guests may bring food or a prepared picnic. Picnic items such as sandwiches, salads and other pre-prepared or packaged foods are permissible any day of the Fair as long as the new guidelines & restrictions are followed. All food items brought into the Fairgrounds must be contained inside personal insulation bags or similar. See list below for approved items as well as items that are not permitted:

Permissible picnic items (per person):

  • Pre-prepared or packaged food items
  • 1 soft-sided cooler/insulated bag (16”x16”x8” or smaller)
  • 1 backpack or backpack-sized tote
  • 1 Diaper bag
  • 1 Folding chair
  • Blanket

The following items are NOT permitted on Fairgrounds’ property:

  • Cooking equipment of any kind
  • Loose food or food contained in large, catering-style pans, trays, bowls, etc.
  • Hard shell coolers/ice chests (plastic, metal, etc.)
  • Charcoal or flammable liquids
  • Tents
  • Tables
  • Large shade umbrellas (small umbrellas/parasols are fine)
  • Knives, metal utensils, or any item that could be considered or used as weapon.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cans or glass containers

What else is not allowed inside the Fairgrounds?

The following items are not permitted anywhere on the property:

  • Comfort animals or pets
  • Guns, knives or any type of weapon
  • Mace or pepper spray
  • Illegal drugs or narcotics
  • Cannabis products of any kind
  • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller blades
  • Fireworks/firecrackers
  • Drones