Safety and Rules



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Reopening Guide

Guest safety is our first priority at Alameda County Fairgrounds. In our continued effort to ensure a safe and positive environment for all, security screenings are routinely conducted at entrance gates and the following measures are strictly enforced:


  • Employees and security will remain on the grounds at all times for the safety of our guests
  • Guest Services or Car Battery Issues – 925.872.6812

Schedule of What’s Happening

As a courtesy, health and safety of other guests please adhere to these rules:

– Face Masks are mandatory when you are outside your vehicle for any reason
– No parking or sitting between cars, keep physical distance
– Stay with your car in your paid designated space
– You are allowed as many people that will sit in your car legally and no more than six (6) people
– Vehicles are subject to search*^

Guests who do not comply with these rules and the rules below will be asked to leave. 

  • Everyone must wear a face mask outside their vehicle at all times
  • Come in a vehicle that fits in one parking spot
  • Headlights must be turned off while parked (put your car emergency brake on, this stops many cars from having their lights flicker on when the car is started)
  • Hatches may not be lifted above the car roof line (bungee cord or rope can help)
  • No sitting in empty car spots, if you are outside your vehicle, please stay within your paid parking space and in your social bubble (no more than 6 people can fit outside your vehicle in your paid designated space at a time)
  • No PETS allowed
  • No sitting on any vehicle roof
  • No guests running around or playing in the lot, just stay in your bubble
  • No smoking
  • No grilling, BBQs or fire pits

Guests will be asked to leave without a refund for non-compliance of rules for health and safety of all guests.




  • Service animals only (NO PETS)
  • Prepared food contained in a soft cooler or insulated bag only
  • Soft-sided cooler or bag maximum size: 16”x16”x8”
  • Guests may only bring clear bags (not to exceed 12” x 6” x 12”)
  • Folding chair
  • Blanket
  • Camel packs, non-breakable water containers
  • Pocket knives (blades shorter than 3”)


  • Pets or other animals
  • Firearms, any type of weapon*
  • Mace or pepper spray
  • Illegal drugs or narcotics
  • Cannabis products of any kind
  • Alcohol or any type of alcoholic beverage
  • Loose or catered-style food
  • Hard shell coolers/ice chests
  • Glass bottles, cans, flasks
  • Grills/charcoal/flammable liquids
  • Tents
  • Large shade umbrellas
  • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller blades
  • Fireworks/firecrackers
  • Professional camera equipment (see photography policy)
  • Drones (see drone policy)

*Includes off-duty peace officers or any individual licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Alameda County Fairgrounds is a smoking and vaping-free facility.

NOTE: Permissible and prohibited items are subject to change for individual events.

Violation of these Rules of Conduct will constitute cause for removal of the violator from the Fair grounds. See FAQ’s


While on Fairgrounds property, all guests are expected to:

  • Wear shirt and shoes at all times
  • Behave respectfully

The following are considered serious conduct violations and may be cause for immediate removal from Fairgrounds property:

  • Any act defined by federal, state, or local statute or ordinances as constituting a crime including damage, destruction, vandalism, or theft (may also lead to prosecution)
  • Disorderly or disruptive conduct, or any activity that could result in physical harm to person or property
  • Behavior indicative of alcohol or substance impairment
  • Littering, spitting, sitting/propping feet on tabletops, abuse of landscaping, property, etc.
  • Blocking or obstruction of any building, booth, exhibit, concession, performance, ticket window, gate, stage, doorway, fire exit, stairway or walkway
  • Solicitation including the selling and/or distribution of materials of any kind (The sales of goods and services may only be conducted in a designed commercial vendor Applications for such commercial space may be obtained from the Fair Events Department)



  • Management has the right to refuse service/admission to anyone at any time for any reason as they see fit
  • The parking space adjacent to your car is to remain open, do not sit, linger or put your lawn chairs in that space, you and your social bubble must stay within your paid parking space throughout the Event
  • Children ages (5-11) must have an adult with them at all times, including when using the restroom
  • Please hold onto all tickets you are given at the gate, you will need these to enter the Event parking lot
  • If you are caught sneaking in, this is considered theft
  • NO REFUNDS, if you are unable to make the Event, you may pass your parking pass to a friend. If a show is canceled due to weather, you will be notified via the email you purchased your ticket and will be given a ticket to a rescheduled show


  • An Appendix A from the Alameda County Public Health Department’s website will be posted at the entrance to the event
  • Layouts must adhere to current physical distancing standards ; Building use is 25% of capacity (as of Sepember 15, 2020)
  • To regulate capacity and guest traffic, one entrance and one exit per building will be used; unused doors will be locked from entry and only used as exits in an emergency
  • At main entrances, metal detectors and touchless bag checks will be scheduled as necessary
  • Guests may only bring clear bags (not to exceed 12” x 6” x 12”)
  • Pre-packaged food sales allowed only with temporary permit from Alameda County Health Department (samples or opening packaged foods is not permitted)
  • Consuming food or beverage indoors is not permitted
  • Masks must be worn at all times THROUGOUT THE FAIRGROUNDS, no exceptions
  • NO REFUNDS, if you are unable to make the Event, you may pass your parking pass to a friend. If a show is canceled due to weather, you will be notified via the email you purchased your ticket and will be given a ticket to a rescheduled show


  • PLEASE pay particular attention to the information you receive at time of purchase, with your ticket and at the gate which pertains to our PARKING POLICY
  • If you have a Large truck, Van, or SUV (over 70 inches), you will need to park in the back. There is a measuring stick available upon entering the drive-in Event parking lot, make sure you park where you are told to at the gate
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our parking policy is in effect daily, and most holidays, and holiday weekends. It is in place to ensure that everyone will be able to see the show. We CANNOT make exceptions to our parking policy, even if you are with someone in a different sized vehicle than your own. Please come early, if you arrive late please do not expect to get a good space
  • Raised hatchbacks, or lift backs, must not be any higher than the roof of the vehicle so as not to block the viewing angle of the vehicle behind you; bring rope or a bungee cord if your car does not automatically stop at the roof-line
  • Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space; If you sit outside your vehicle, please do not occupy another parking space, this includes your chairs and blankets. You must stay within your paid parking space
  • No more than six (6) people per car for vehicle-based events or drive-ins; no more than six (6) people fit in a parking spot outside a car in one space (EACH GUEST MUST HAVE A WORKING SEAT BELT TO ENTER)
  • For the safety of everyone all blankets, chairs, etc. must be in front of your vehicle, or beside your vehicle not occupying or overlapping into the other space so the other guest beside you has the same amount of room
  • No sitting on top of any vehicle roof for any reason
  • When you park your vehicle please make sure that you are parked centered, and that you are not hanging out into the aisle way, this way you will avoid being hit by cars coming in and out


  • The SPEED LIMIT on the lot is 5 MPH
  • Drivers are responsible for making sure that all passengers are inside the vehicle and that no other patrons are in the way before moving their vehicle or leaving the theater
  • Footwear is required everywhere on the grounds
  • There is no running around on the grounds (this includes parking lots, restrooms, snack bar, the lawn, etc.); this is for your safety and the safety of others and per the Alameda County Health Order
  • We do NOT permit Grills or BBQs
  • No Smoking
  • No Pets


  • Check your e-ticket for gate and show times
  • Check your e-ticket for which address and Gate to enter (most events are NOT held at 4501 Pleasanton Ave)


  • Pets/dogs are NOT permitted on the Fairgrounds per the current Health Order


  • For Drive-In Events, please tune your car or hand radio to 97.1 FM, subject to change
  • For Drive-In LIVE stage shows such as concerts, a radio is not required. Speakers are on stage and may be heard throughout the entire Event lot (check with each event for details)
  • If using your car radio, be sure to turn your car on often to recharge the battery; please turn off your emergency break, this helps most cars auto lights to come on or manually change the setting to lights off
  • For radio transmitted shows, a small radio is encouraged instead of using your car battery
  • If your car battery dies, please call Guest Services at 925.872.6812 – we have parking lot staff that will be willing to give you a jump for FREE


  • Vehicle engines can be noisy and put out a lot of fumes and odors and just cause a nuisance, car engines MUST be turned off as other guests may be sitting outside their vehicles trying to hear the show
  • If you must talk on your phone outside your vehicle or while your windows are rolled down, please do not carry on a loud conversation or cause a disturbance. We suggest that you turn the ringer on your phone down, and if you must answer your phone, please talk quietly or walk away as to not disrupt the show for other guests
  • Smoking is NOT permitted on the Fairgrounds


  • Check our website for date and times the Food Trucks are open
  • We offer a variety of choices at Grab-n-Stay Food Trucks. Our website features a calendar which shows the food trucks we will have those dates. Some of our favorites include: corn dogs, shaved ice, funnel cakes, gourmet sliders, street tacos and more
  • Footwear MUST be worn in the Food Truck, as well as the Event(s) Lot at all times, along with a shirt and mask
  • Per the current Health Order, there are NO PETS ALLOWED at any time in any of the Fairground’s public Event areas, this includes the lawns (keep in mind this is a “food” area)
  • Absolutely NO running or playing per the current Health Order
  • Smoking is NOT permitted on the Fairgrounds
  • If you wish to bring snacks or drinks of your own from home, you are welcome to do so! We ask that you take your trash home with you, trash cans are not provided per the current Health Order


  • Laser pointers are not allowed at ANY Events. Should you be caught with one, it will be confiscated and you and your car will be asked to leave without a refund
  • Do not throw objects of any kind on the grounds; guests who are throwing any objects, will be asked to stop or leave if behavior persists
  • Climbing on the fence, or blocks in front of the screen, is strictly prohibited and off limits. Parents please keep an eye on your children so they do not try
  • Approaching or waving in front of the projector is prohibited and off limits
  • Alcohol or any type of alcoholic beverag


  • We do have parking spots reserved for cars with handicap placards or a handicap license plates, ask a parking attendant to direct you to the best available handicap parking spots
  • If you have trouble hearing, the Fairgrounds has several options available, please check in with the parking attendant for options
  • You can check out a tablet at the gate to see closed captioning in your own car
  • You can let our parking attendants know you would like to request closed captioning, if applicable
  • For Events that are broadcasting in FM, you are able (highly recommended) to bring a portable radio and use headphones, if that works best for you


The Alameda County Fairgrounds is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any of the following –

  • Motor Vehicle or Cycle accidents
  • Damage to vehicles, self or personal property
  • Stolen or lost items, including but not limited to, money and personal property
  • Medical injuries or accidents

*^ Upon entry, vehicles are subject to be searched. Give yourself plenty of time. Guests will be asked to dispose of prohibited items not allowed at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. We do not allow firearms, weapons of any kind, drugs (including marijuana) or alcoholic beverages. All garbage must stay inside the vehicle, we are not able to provide trash bags per the current Alameda County Order. For a full list of rules and what is and is not permitted at the Fairgrounds, please click here. Coolers will be searched by security before entry. Security may ask guests to open coolers to check for alcoholic beverages and prohibited items. If wristbands are required, these will be provided to guests upon entry and will be required at all times.

Updated September 23, 2020, subject to change.