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Financial Summary Report-August 2020.pdf

Monthly Financial Summary Report-August 2020.pdf

ACF Board Calendar 2020.pdf

Presentation - Racing & Equestrian Committee Meeting 9.1.20.pdf

Agenda - Racing and Equestrian Committee Meeting 9.1.20 doc.pdf

Board Minutes- August 18, 2020 .pdf

Board Meeting Presentation - August 18, 2020.pdf

Amended By-Laws 8.18.20.pdf

Correspondence July 14 Board Meeting.pdf

Board Minutes-July 14, 2020.pdf

Capital-July 2020.pdf

Monthly Summary Report-July 2020.pdf

Financial Summary Report-July 2020.pdf

Board Agenda-August 18, 2020

Presentation Joint Finance & Pension Committee Meeting - August 11, 2020.

Joint Committee Minutes-Pension and Finance August 11, 2020.pdf

ACF Organizational Chart -August 2020.pdf

Cash flow Financial Projection-July 14, 2020 .pdf

Agenda- Joint Pension & Finance Committee Meeting.pdf

Joint Committee Minutes - Executive, Nominating & By Laws Committee Meeting.pdf

ACF 2020 Board of Directors Contact List.pdf

Board Minutes- June 9, 2020.pdf

Sunflower Hill.pdf

Financial Summary Report-June 2020.pdf

Board Agenda- July 14, 2020.pdf

Minutes - Audit Committee Meeting -July 7, 2020.pdf

Minutes - Finance Committee July 7, 2020 docx.pdf

Board Agenda- July 14, 2020.pdf

Finance Committee Presentation - July 7, 2020.pdf

Monthly Summary Report-June 2020.pdf

Consolidated Financial Statements-Audit Report

Required Communications -Audit Report

Memorandum on Internal Control-Audit Report

2020 Cash Flow Report.pdf

2020 Capital Update 7-2-2020.xlsx.pdf

Agenda - Finance Committee July-7-20.pdf

Agenda - Audit Committee July 7, 2020.pdf

Board Minutes-March 10, 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Presentation - June 9 2020 .pdf

Correspondence-CDFA Requirements for 4H.pdf

Financial Monthly Report - May 2020.pdf

Financial Summary Report -May 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Agenda- June 9, 2020.pdf

Ag Exhibits-C. Smith Handout June 2, 2020.pdf

Ag Exhibits Committee-Minutes June 2 2020.pdf

Correspondence for Board Meeting -June 9, 2020.pdf

Ag Exhibits Agenda- May 19, 2020.pdf

Pension Committee Meeting- Minutes May 5, 2020.pdf

Pension Committee Agenda -May 5, 2020.pdf

Executive Committee Minutes - May 28, 2020 .pdf

Cash Flow Projections.pdf

Live Racing Pro Forma 2020.pdf

Executive Commitee Meeting Presentation - May 28 2020.pdf

Agriculture Exhibits Committee Meeting Presentation - May 19, 2020.pdf

Ag Exhibits Committee-Minutes May 19 2020.pdf

2020 Capital Update -June 4, 2020.pdf

Ag Exhibits Committee Agenda - June 2, 2020.pdf

Executive Committee Agenda- May 28, 2020.pdf

Strategy Factsheets-Mirador.pdf

April 2020 Financial Summary Report.pdf

April 2020 Financials .pdf

April Financial Presentation.pdf

Executive Committee Minutes-May 4, 2020 pdf

Executive Committee Agenda- May 4, 2020.pdf

Executive Committee Minutes- March 25, 2020.pdf

Strategy Factsheets-Mirador.pdf

Acturarial Reports.pdf

2020 Capital Update 4-09-2020.xlsx

Finance Presentation.pdf

March 2020 Financials.pdf

March 2020 Financial Summary Report.pdf

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Board Minutes-March 10, 2020.pdf (140.45 KB)
March 2020 Financial Summary Report.pdf (161.10 KB)
March 2020 Financials.pdf (1.27 MB)
Finance Presentation.pdf (1.59 MB)
2020 Capital Update 4-09-2020.xlsx (26.90 KB)

Board Minutes -February 11, 2020.pdf

Correspondence-CHRB Santa Anita Fatalities Report 3-10-30.pdf

Financial Summary Report-February 2020.pdf

Financial Monthly Report-February 2020.pdf

Fair Operations Committee Meeting Minutes- February 25, 2020.pdf

Nominating Committee Minutes- February 27, 2020.pdf

Buildings & Grounds Report.pdf

Board Meeting Agenda-March 10, 2020.pdf

Fair Operations Committee Meeting Agenda-February 25, 2020.pdf

Fair Operations Committee Presentation Feb 25 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Presentation - February 11, 2020.pdf

Board Meeting Minutes-October 8, 2019.pdf

Preliminary Financial Report-December 31, 2019.pdf

Financial Summary Report- January 2020.pdf

Financial Monthly Report-January 2020.pdf

2020 ACFFA Company Goals.pdf

Board Meeting Agenda-February 11, 2020.pdf

Agricultural Committee Mintes- February 4, 2020.pdf

Agriculture Committee Presentation-February 4, 2020.pdf

Finance Committee Minutes-January 28, 2020.pdf

2020 ACFFA Company Goals.pdf

2020 Capital Improvement & Major Maintenance Update.pdf

Agenda - Ag Exhibits Meeting February 4, 2020.pdf

Finance Committee PowerPoint Presentation - January 28, 2020 pptx.pdf

Financial Monthly Report-November 2019.pdf

Amphitheatre Proforma.pdf

Financial Summary Report - November 2019.pdf

RV Park Expansion pdf.

Quarterly Attendance Report 2019.pdf