Under The Stars Drive-In Movies

You are Invited to Watch Classics from your Car!

The Alameda County Fairgrounds is excited to partner with George Mark Children’s House for the next movie release, July 17 and 18. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to George Mark Children’s House, a non-profit that focuses on quality of life and continuity of care for children with illnesses that modern healthcare cannot yet cure, or for those who have chronic medical conditions.

Pay to park and receive access to the Grab-n-Stay Food Truck Festival, watch a free classic movie and get one FREE general admission ticket to the 2021 Fair next summer! Plus, a portion of the proceeds will benefit a non-profit.

Masks are required while on the Fairgrounds per the Alameda County Health Order. Animals are not allowed.  Movies and schedule are subject to change. 


Indiana Jones

June 12 (Sold Out)

Rated PG


June 13 (Sold Out)

Rated PG


Jurrasic Park

June 19 (Sold Out)

Rated PG-13



June 18 & 20 (Sold Out)

Rated PG-13


Ferris Bueller

June 25 (Sold Out)

Rated PG13


June 26 (Sold Out)

Rated PG13


The Sandlot

July 2 & 3 (Sold Out)

Rated PG


July 10 (Sold Out)

Rated G


July 11 (Sold Out)

Rated PG


July 17

Rated PG


July 18

Rated PG-13


Coming Soon

July 23


Coming Soon

July 24


Coming Soon

July 31


Coming Soon

August 1


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A portion of the proceeds will benefit a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the county.

$35 per Vehicle (Online Advance Purchase)
$40 per Vehicle (On-Site, if tickets are available)

The parking price is per vehicle, not per person. A carload equals as many people in your car that is legally allowed by law.

Bring a copy of your receipt on mobile device or printed.

Enter at Gate 12 off of Valley Avenue; Gates to movie parking lot opens between 7:00-7:30pm.

Vehicles will be checked in again by the Alameda County Fairgrounds staff as they enter the movie lot, have your receipt ready (printed or on mobile device).

Check-in is done by vehicle and are subject to search.

Tune into radio station 97.1FM to listen along (subject to change).

You may also call Etix to buy parking at 1-800-514-3849.

What To Expect

Please follow these rules and regulations, we are closely following the rules set the by Alameda County Health Order

Must Wear a Mask
Gates Open between 7pm and 7:30pm
Movies begin at dark, but not before at 8:45pm

Guests must wear a mask at all times.

Listen along on radio station 97.1FM (subject to change).

There will be no trash cans, whatever you bring to the movies with you must go home with you.

Vehicles will be parked 6 feet apart, please stay in your social bubble and within your parking space. Cars are subject to search.

Large vehicles (over 70 inches tall) must park in the back.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate recreational vehicles (e.g., Motor homes, Fifth Wheels, Trailers). No motorcycles, bikes or convertibles. 

Keep your headlights off during the movie and back hatches may not be open above your vehicle’s roof line.

The County Order does not allow convertibles or Jeeps with their tops or doors off at any time.

Alameda County Fair is a private nonprofit corporation. If the following Rules & Regulations are not adhered to, you will be asked to leave.

Please check out the FAQ’s below if you have further questions / concerns.



Movie Goers


Masks must be worn at all times per the Alameda County Health Order. Please help us stay open by following this order.

Tune to radio station 97.1FM to listen to the movie (subject to change). 

Children must be accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian at all times, including when visiting the restroom.

If you have any concerns, watch the movie screen for our Guest Services phone number to call.

Look for exit signs upon leaving, there will be multiple routes to leave in a timely manner.

For additional information, see the FAQ below.

Getting Here

Advertise Your Business At The Drive-In Movie Nights

“Present The Movie” and “Commercial, Image or PSA” options available.


Share Your Celebration On The Big Screen

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduation congratulations, etc.


Movies will start at dark, but not before 8:45pm.

Yes, per the Alameda County Health Order, masks are mandatory and must be on at all times unless you are eating or drinking. Please help us by following this order.

Rules are subject to change.

  • Everyone must wear a facemask outside their vehicle at all times per the Health Order
  • You must come in a vehicle that fits in one parking spot
  • Large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks need to park in the back
  • Headlights must be turned off while parked
  • Hatches may not be lifted above the car roof line
  • No sitting on your roof
  • No sitting in empty car spots, if you are outside your vehicle, please stay within your paid parking spot
  • NO DOGS or pets allowed unless it is a certified service dog; if you bring your pet you will be asked to leave
  • Kids must stay with their parents and social bubble, no running around the parking lot or grass areas 


Admission into the movie area will begin at 7:30 PM.


Yes, if parking is still available.


Audio will be streamed through an FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. Tune into radio station 97.1FM (subject to change). Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. If you don’t have an FM stereo, or are concerned about your vehicle’s battery, bring a portable FM radio with fresh batteries. Unfortunately there is not a reliable app.

If you need hearing accommodations, please check with the parking attendant as you check in at Gate 12 or the movie lot.  

Visit alamedacountyfair.com and our Facebook page for weekly announcements.

The only language the station streams is English.

If your FM radio source is your car radio, your key should be turned to accessory mode. If you are not using your car radio, then you do not need to keep your car running during the show. If you do keep your battery on, be sure to start your car every so often to keep your car battery strong.


Yes, there are ADA parking spots near the restroom. You must have a valid handicap sticker or license plate, please let the parking staff know when you check in at the movie lot.


Yes, please check in with the parking attendant at Gate 12 or the movie lot for options.

There will be a guest services phone number (925-872-6812) you can call. It will also be displayed on the screen before the show begins.

Most vehicles will not have a problem. If you are concerned, we recommend turning your car on a few times during the movie. In the event your battery dies, we offer a complimentary jump-start that will quickly get you on your way.

Pets are not allowed on the Alameda County Fairgrounds or at the Drive-in. 


No, one parking spot will not fit an RV or oversized vehicle. It would require two parking spots and have to park in the back so as to not block other guests views of the movie screen. 

You may sit in your parking spot, do not park in the empty spots between cars. Face masks must be worn by anyone who exits their vehicle at all times. No BBQing.

Sitting in a truck bed is permitted – guests must stay in the bed of their own truck, no loitering around the vehicle. If you choose to sit in the bed of your truck, a mask must be worn for the entirety of the time spent outside the cab of the vehicle, per the current Alameda County Health Order.

No, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Masks must be worn by anyone who exits their vehicle to use the restroom, both children and adults.

No assigned parking. Cars will be queued normally into aisles and spaces by our professional parking staff to ensure physical distancing. Once you are parked in your spot, you must not move your car. For health and safety reasons we ask everyone to please cooperate and not change spots. Please respect the instructions of our parking attendants, we are not able to take special requests.

Yes, any vehicle that may obstruct the vision of other vehicles may be parked closer to the back to allow for the best viewing of all guests. Cars over 70 inches tall, there are measuring sticks as you enter the lot.

Must line up for movie entry together to ensure spots are close and you must remain in the vehicle you arrived in during the movie. There is no promise you will be next to each other, we may not take special requests. Vehicles will be physically distanced per the Alameda County Health Order. You may not exit your vehicle to sit with friends in another vehicle.

No, parking attendants will line up cars as they come in. You may try to line up for the movie together to ensure spots are close.There is no promise you will be next to each other, we may not take special requests. Vehicles will be physically distanced in adherence to the current Alameda County Health Order. You may not exit your vehicle to sit with friends in another vehicle.

No convertibles or vehicles without doors per the vehicle-based gathering Alameda County Health Order.

No. Unfortunately motorcycles are not permitted at the drive-in.

The speed limit is 5 mph.


For the safety of our customers, we do not allow firearms, weapons of any kind, drugs (including marijuana) or alcoholic beverages. All vehicles are subject to search. All garbage must stay inside the vehicle, we are not able to provide trash bags per the current Alameda County Health Order.

Yes, purchasing tickets online is the best way to ensure that you have parking at your favorite movie. You also save by purchasing ahead online. To buy parking passes visit at alamedacountyfair.com or by calling Etix at (800) 514-3849.

Yes, you may shop the Grab-n-Stay Food Truck until 9pm. 

Yes, your movie pass also gets you into the the Grab-n-Go food truck parking lot. 

No in and out privelages. There is a one-time entry; no re-entry is permitted for vehicle or by foot. You may leave to go to the Grab-n-Stay Food Trucks.

What comes in with you goes home with you. Per the Alameda County Health Order, there will be no trash cans available.

Restrooms will be open. You  must wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 6 feet. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We will communicate via email and social media if weather threatens the drive-in movie for that evening.

HD Projectors are used to show the movies. Screens have a cinematic surface and 12,000 lumen projectors. Screen size is 40 feet wide by 20 feet high.  The Airscreen is double sided, there will be two sides of the screen to watch the movie / two parking lots. You will be assigned a parking spot upon entering. We may not take special requests on which side you would like to park or if you would like to park next to a friend. Large vehicles will be parked in the back.

Yes, please safely follow the instructions of the parking attendants.

No, movie tickets are purchased per night and are not reusable. However, you may give your ticket to a friend to use that night.

Modelo Especial
Sierra Nevada
Stella Artois
Kris Moxley