Emergency Evacuation Information

Emergency Evacuation Information

The Alameda County Fair is accepting horses and livestock from the Kincade Fire, see

below for details:


1. Enter GATE 12 on Valley Avenue.

2. Make sure animals have halters, lead ropes and water buckets.

3. Make sure animals are identified. If your animal does not have their name on its

halter, put duct tape on it with its name and your phone number or write your

phone number on the animal.

4. If you have time, please load some feed on your trailers. While you may have

feed delivered to the Fairgrounds, its delivery can be delayed if roads and highways

are closed.


Pack general first aid supplies, such as antiseptic ointments and bandaging materials.

Our staff and volunteers will do their best to get the trailers into the barn areas quickly

and get the animals unloaded and into stalls. Passenger vehicles may be diverted to

park other areas. This will be done to facilitate the sheltering of your animals so trailers

and vans may leave as quickly as possible to pick up more animals.

Contact information:

Tiffany Burrow………………….925-567-6053

Kevin Ingram…………………925-519-4878